Once again the annual Tattersall Lander Christmas Party was a well-kept secret.

The only snippet of information revealed:

  • two points of pickup
  • morning programme to include water and land activities.
  • sun smart clothing, swimmers, towel and a change of clothes required.
  • footwear to be sandals/thongs/joggers.

…leaving all staff suitably intrigued as to what the day would bring.

The weather was not playing nice however, and Jane was terribly nervous that the itinerary would have to be modified considerably. But she was determined not to let it dampen her spirits – spreading sunshine and roses everywhere.

Everybody arrived at their designated pick up point anxious to know what lay ahead. While the bus ride down was a little bumpy, and the weather was determined to give Jane a heart attack, everybody was more than impressed when we reached our final destination – Rafferty’s Resort, Cams Wharf… oh and the rain came to an abrupt end the moment the bus pulled in.

First up was the Jet Boat thrill ride… And it would appear Tattersall Lander has a number of thrill seekers who fly under the radar posing as Engineers, Surveyors and Ecologists.

For the land lovers there was virtual skeet shooting and as the saying goes it’s the quiet ones you have to watch. Nobody had better upset Josh or Travis, with both grabbing perfect scores! Travis claiming overall bragging rights as Champion of the Day.

After such physical exertion, beverages were in desperate need. Plus Ben was almost eating anybody’s limbs that came within striking distance to him! Lunch was served. All was right in the world again…well at least for Ben anyway.

At the end of a delicious and relaxing lunch, it was time to head back to the bus. And alas the Annual Tattersall Lander Christmas Party had come to a close for another year…