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Tattersall Lander’s expert ecologists, planners and project managers can assist you to address the technical and regulatory challenges related to your project.

Protection and restoration of the natural environment is a significant priority in government policies, which can mean considerable challenges in meeting stringent requirements in development projects.

Tattersall Lander, in conjunction with the environmental division Wildthing Environmental Consultants (acquired in 2008), can assist in achieving business objectives through accurate and timely information on environmental impacts, as well as protection and mitigation processes.

Wildthing Environmental Consultants provides professional environmental support services for land development covering all legislative requirements – from flora and fauna surveys to species impact statements, including other environmental factors within its scope of expertise. The consultancy addresses specific client needs related to subdivisions, light industrial or commercial development, extractive industries, or any category of development requiring assessment under environmental legislation.

Tattersall Lander and Wildthing Environmental Consultants have been involved in environmental work over a wide geographic range, with the ability to undertake unique ecological consulting projects to meet your particular requirements.

The consultancy can collaborate in all stages of a project.

Tattersall Lander Environmental Services: