strata planning

Strata & Community Title

To sell individual strata title lots, a strata plan needs to be prepared by a Registered Cadastral Surveyor.

A strata plan is single or multi dwellings that have been divided into lots. Lots may be in the form of townhouses, duplexes or individual units/apartments. Each allotment has their own individual title registered at The Trustee for Australian Registry Investments Trust.

Tattersall Lander are experts in preparing Strata plans for the creation of Unit Developments, Retirement Villages, Duplexes and Townhouses.

Engaging surveyors and planners is recommended to submit the development application for these project types to ensure adequate, important information isn’t compromised. Working closely with Tattersall Lander’s surveyors, our planners have the skill and expertise in negotiations to ensure successful outcomes for strata applications.

Community Title

Community, precinct or neighbourhood associations are being set up in housing estates more and more. They typically offer a mix of strata titled apartment buildings, townhouses or villas and shared parklands and promenades often with shopping hubs.

Community Title is a subdivision of land with shared property, not dissimilar to strata title (with some technical differences and variations). Generally it consists of various strata title schemes and shared infrastructure, such as roads and various facilities.

Schemes usually maintain their own roads, parks and gardens, and garbage collection. This model is popular with many councils. Residents still pay council levies, however only receive limited services from their council, as most are funded by themselves.

Tattersall Lander has been associated with Community Title developments within a number of local government areas recently.