Bushfire Assessments

Tattersall Lander provide all the services required for bushfire assessments to Rural Fire Service guidelines.

If you are considering building or doing renovations which will require council consent, and the property is within a bushfire prone area, all work must now comply with the Australian Standard: 3959 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas (AS:3959) in order for your development application to be approved. As a result a Bushfire Assessment maybe required as part of the submission.

A Bushfire Prone areas is considered anywhere that will support a bushfire, or is likely to be subject to bushfire attack. This is particularly common in areas which may be located in close proximity to bushfire hazards such as forests or grasslands.

To find out if you live in a bushfire prone area you will need to consult your local council (specifically their Bush Fire Prone Land Map). This will also be noted on a Section 149 Certificate for your property, attainable from your Council. Tattersall Lander can also help with this information, having extensive knowledge in all aspects of areas determined as Bushfire Prone land.

Tattersall Lander Bushfire Assessments are provided by highly qualified consultants. We work closely with clients from the planning stage through to the completed project, to ensure compliance with all bushfire protection regulations.

Tattersall Lander bushfire assessments include:

Bushfire Assessments provide a Bushfire Attack Level as well as an evaluation of the development against the requirements of the Rural Fire Service document, Planning for Bushfire Protection, and are undertaken with a comprehensive site inspection.

Your report will be structured to assist your local Council development assessment officer and the Rural Fire Service to assess your development. There are a number of bushfire protection measures that can be incorporated into a proposed development to minimise the bushfire impact on life and property including Asset Protection Zones (APZ), building construction, water supply, landscaping and emergency etc.

BAL certificate preparation relating to the level of bushfire attack for satisfying standards of bushfire prone land by our qualified specialists.