Run With A Story Charity Auction Dinner 2017 in support of Ella Hammond.

Held at South Newcastle Rugby League Club (Souths) 7:00pm on Friday 19 May, dress to impress as this night of celebration for a great cause is going to go off with a bang.

Come and enjoy a night of auctions, games, music, raffles, and entertainment as we raise funds to help the Hammond family.

Tattersall Lander will once again be supporting this great event. Join us and help make a difference!

Ella is four years old and has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue – Neo-natal Marfan Syndrome. It affects about one in 5,000 people and those with the condition often grow tall and thin. It brings a swathe of medical issues that range from vision impairment to organ damage. In Ella’s case, three out of four of her hearts valves have been compromised. After spending much of her young life in hospital, Ella has had magnetic growth rods placed in her back a major operation in July 2016. She has become one of Australia’s youngest children to be put into halo traction. The doctors hope that the magnetic growth rods can correct Ella’s severe scoliosis which is putting dangerous pressure on her heart and lungs. Ella has had 4 surgeries in total and her 5th and 2nd open heart surgery could possibly be in November 2017. Making her a dual mechanical valve little girl.

With transport to her Sydney-based specialist, accommodation, food and life saving medical equipment – Ella’s treatment costs will be ongoing. Neo-natal Marfan has made life for the family uncertain at best and terrifying at worst. Ella wasn’t meant to live past 1 year old and is now 4 years old, she has never walked and is confined to a wheelchair.

In Australia there are 2 other people who have Neo-natal Marfans and are genetically confirmed like Ella. Ella’s odds are heavily stacked against her, even a common cold could kill Ella. Keeping her free from illness and continuing to grow has been Ella’s mother Sheree’s mission. The best thing for Ella is an opportunity to be given all the help she needs, to one day be able to walk and play with her older sister.

We would like to help to make this possible with Run With A Story 2017 and we’d like your support.