At Tattersall Lander we do the traditional Secret Santa gift exchange on the last working day of the year. The afternoon celebrations started with the typical BBQ lunch, including the customary celebratory beverages of beer for the boys and bubbly for the girls.

Following on from lunch was the eagerly awaited gift giving. This year the responsibility of Santa was handed over to Ben (apparently Harry has been retired). In the past this event has not been reported on and as such no incriminating evidence – aaahhhh how things are changing at Tattersall Lander 😉

First up Santa gave presents to Bruce and Bob, who appeared thrilled with their drinks of choice.

Finally, onto the main event. This year saw some interesting gifts. The most notable mention must go out to Leith Holness who took out the coveted prize for the “Most Expensively Wrapped Present” – cardboard box with newspaper…clearly no expense was spared!!

Runner up for the “Most Expensively Wrapped Present” was awarded to Rick (our staff have exquisite taste opting for newspaper again). Oh, and there were plenty of green eyes when he actually opened his present revealing a Nerf Gun!

Mungo took out the “Best Gift” award. However, his book on “How to be a Bogan” was a hotly debated topic, apparently there are a few worthy contenders who felt they were more deserving recipients. Never-the-less it was agreed that Mungo was definitely in the top 5.

By far the “Most Touching” gift was Julie’s. In a small box, Santa placed a card expressing that the money for her present had been donated to animal rescue. Something we all know, here at Tattersall Lander, is very close to Julie’s great big heart.

The “Most Delicate Gift” award goes to Shayne. His present was somewhat fragile, and two hands were required for lifting it. As he commenced opening it, everyone could almost see the bile rising in the back of Shayne’s throat as he soon discovered it was a carton of VB…oh no, it was blasphemy!! But, as he delved a little further and reached into the box, he pulled out the old faithful Toohey’s New. Alas, the world had regained its axis and all was right in the universe again.

Concluding the Secret Santa was Santa’s own gift – a book on Yoga – because clearly he needs to chill out!! Seems Santa is very knowledgeable. It is also clear that beer is the drink of choice in the office… hmmmmm there’s a message here somewhere let us ponder that thought for a moment hmmmmm.

Last, but no means least Jane and Juanita received a special gift of appreciation, for all of the Friday afternoon teas they have served throughout the year. Enjoy your pampering girls.

And so concluded the Secret Santa for another year. Merry Christmas. 😊 😊 😊