For many, many months Tattersall Lander Surveyor Rick Williams has been hard at work trying to organise some social activities for the staff at Tattersall Lander and Wildthing. It started with a suggestion box at the local office hangout – the photocopier. All suggestions were welcome and would be kept in strict confidence.

After the hectic first week back from Christmas, Rick decided it was time to get our feet wet and so the Inaugural Tattersall Lander Fishing Competition was set down for the afternoon of Friday, 12th January, 2018. Participation was compulsory and competitors were encouraged to bring in their own fishing tackle. The usual Friday afternoon tea (including beverages) would also be provided.

So Friday came and everybody was anxiously awaiting the 4pm start time. Ben was his usual humble self, playing down his abilities with his rod. As the day wore on and the commencement time was approaching you could feel the buzz of excitement in the air.

Finally, 4pm arrived and everybody raced out onto the riverbank in front of the Tattersall Lander office and cast the lines. There was a fair bit of jostling for positions too – location was everything. Mother nature was putting on quite the spectacle too, and was very kind in delivering a picture-perfect summer’s day.

A number of competitors opted for the traditional bait while others chose the flashier lures – cheating allegations are currently still under investigation. A formal inquiry into the allegations has commenced, but a result will not be known for a number of weeks. A war of words broke out between a number of competitors, and it’s understood that a significant amount of tension is mounting among the two sides.

None-the-less a winner was crowned – Josh Frost, yet again proving to be the silent, smiling assassin with his Whiting catch. Congratulations Josh!!  Looking forward to the next one.