Project Description

Residential Subdivision

Tattersall Lander have been engaged to manage a number of the planning processes in the development of a 22 lot Community Title Subdivision into 21 Residential lots and 1 Community lot (being the road). Included is all of the associated infrastructure and the establishment of 2 dwellings on another 2 lots. With the remainder of the lots to be developed into affordable, small lot housing.

Tattersall Lander’s commitments included full Project Management of the development; preparation of preliminary layouts and constraints analyses; detail survey; and road, drainage, sewer and water designs.

In the preliminary stages of the project Tattersall Lander were required for preparation and lodgement of the Development Application and Statement of Environmental Effects, as well as a pre-DA meeting with Port Stephens Council.

Once the proposal was approved Project Management responsibilities shifted to managing consultants; regular site inspections and consultations with Council, specialist consultants, and contractors (including Ausgrid, Jemena, Hunter Water Corporation, Telstra and the NBN); preparation of a Landscape Plan; preparation and submission of Section 50 Application; Construction Certificate Application; Prepare Construction Certificate Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Control Plan; modifications to the Development Application; preparation and submission of Section 4.55 Application to Council; and preparation of relevant tender documents.

Tattersall Lander were also responsible for various Civil Engineering design works including ongoing modifications to road, drainage, sewer and water designs to comply with Hunter Water requirements and Council instructions; amendments to the subdivision into 2 stages, and creation of lot layouts for each stage; determining NBN and electrical servicing requirements; preparation of a 100-year 2D flood model.

A number of surveys were required both in the preliminary investigations of this development, as well as throughout the duration of the project. Tattersall Lander having significant experience in this area have been responsible for providing detail bulk earthworks, boundary and easement surveys, and subsequent preparation of a draft Community Plan.

This is an ongoing project that Tattersall Lander will continue to consult on.