Project Description

Oliver’s Real Food

Tattersall Lander were primarily involved in preparation and submission of a Development Application on behalf of Oliver’s Real Food. The Development Application proposed converting an existing building into an Oliver’s Real Food Restaurant located in Bulahdelah (98km north of Newcastle). Julie Wells was the Senior Town Planner appointed to the Project Management of the development.

Working to a strict deadline, it was imperative the proposal be approved by MidCoast Council before close of business Friday, 22nd December, 2017 in order for the business to be operating by the peak period.

The recent, primary use of the existing site building had been that of a café (Shiralee Café). A small gift shop occupied a component of the same building to the north. The site was devoid of vegetation and relatively flat.

The proposal included use of the existing building for a food and drink premises (Oliver’s Real Food). The food and drink premises were to be of a similar use to that of Shiralee Café and proposed both internal and external seating for patrons. External seating was already existing – being a component of the previous café on the site.

Due to the location of the site, as well as taking into consideration previous research, it was determined that significant number of patrons are expected to take their food with them, rather than consuming it at the premises. As a result, a provision of an electric car charging point and construction of a screened waste (skip) bin enclosure was also sought in the DA.

The existing car park and maneuvering area was to remain. No alterations were proposed. Also, the second storey addition was being utilised for residential purposes which remained the same.

The development application also sought consent for the legitimisation of recent building works Oliver’s Real Food carried out without development consent, which had been specifically carried for the purposes of fitting-out the proposed food and drink premises. A Structural Engineer’s Report/Drawing had to be organised in order to certify the works in an appropriate manner, prior to lodgement of the DA.

Access to the site was proposed left-in and left-out (via the intersection of Theatre Lane and Bulahdelah Way). Proposed traffic movements were to be adequately signposted.

The store officially opened on Thursday, 21st December, 2017. Grand Opening report and images in News of The Area.