This year Melbourne Cup Day at Tattersall Lander was cause for two celebrations, horses and Harry… hmm let’s ponder that for a moment…

The afternoon’s festivities kicked off with nibblies, beer & champagne… just juice for Kylie though! Will was given the task of opening the bubbly, and being the first time he’s ever opened champagne, we were all holding our breath that he didn’t lose an eye or break a chandelier! However, he handled it like a pro and had the top off in no time… all limbs and lighting safely intact.

The Tattersall Lander BBQ aficionado (Shayne) did an outstanding job as always, and this year he was aptly assisted by grasshopper Connor. Well done boys the snags and onions were cooked to perfection, and went down an absolute treat with everyone!

Following on from lunch Bruce also had a very special presentation to make. He started by asking all those born after 1988 to raise a hand, so naturally Connor, Cody, Rick and Will all gingerly lifted an arm… wondering exactly where Bruce was going with this. Mungo was very quick to jump in that he was born after that year… ahhh Mungo you hold your age well.

The blank expressions on the four faces was quickly replaced with understanding, when Bruce revealed that Harry had worked at Tattersall Lander for longer than they had each been alive!

Having commenced employment on 10th November 1988, Harry has reached his 30-year milestone with the company. In this day and age this is a major accomplishment, and definitely something to be proud of

Some Harry statistics…

In his time with Tattersall Lander it is estimated that Harry has completed 8,000 Contour surveys, 24,000 Setouts and drank around 12,000 beers (this is clearly a conservative estimate of course from Bruce).

After the presentation the serious celebrations got under way with the Melbourne Cup race. Juanita organised our traditional office sweep, and somehow Mungo cleaned up with a win in both the $1.00 and the $2.00 sweeps! Second place went to Lydia ($2.00) and Connor ($1.00), while third place was awarded to Vaughan ($2.00) and Cody ($1.00). Poor Scotty and Ryan’s horse is still running!

Special thank you Juanita for organising the food, Shayne and Connor for cooking the BBQ and Bruce and Bob for putting on the afternoon.

Congratulations to all our winners and a special congratulations to Harry on your 30 Years’ Service award.