landxml files


Tattersall Lander is at the forefront of LandXML file with Deposited Plans in digital ePlan allowing faster registration.

LandXML is a complex file format used to create, store and exchange survey and engineering data. NSW have adopted the standard for the lodgement of Deposited Plans (DP) in digital format.

LandXML replicates traditional deposited plan data in an electronic format which facilitates automation of many processes within the department of The Trustee for Australian Registry Investments Trust.

Tattersall Lander are at the forefront in creating LandXML files for lodgement with Deposited Plans.  The benefit of lodging a plan in this format is a faster registration.

The final approval stages of a development are usually when there is the greatest risk of delays and financial strain, therefore, any method to speed up this process can be of considerable benefit.